Healthcare Construction Partner

Clients who use Blake Contracting come back to them again and again. The reason is simple. Blake Contracting is a company based on integrity, professionalism and a commitment to the client. In the southeast of the United States, health care construction is best performed by the experts.

Blake Contracting offers a wide range of Healthcare Contracting methods.  We perform Design/Build contracting services; meaning we handle the construction process from conception to completion or Bid/Build; meaning owner/customer provides architectural and engineered drawings and Blake Contracting value engineers and constructs.

In addition, we offer consulting services on a case by case basis. Our construction and equipment knowledge is often used to create projects that we do not construct and we assist the client with the processes.

Blake Contracting has a long list of projects completed with success including one notable project at Grady Healthcare Systems in Downtown Atlanta, GA where Blake Contracting was selected to complete all construction services for the complete change out of every piece of Diagnostic Imaging equipment in a 1000+ bed facility with minimal disruption to service.  The project included one MRI suite renovation, one MRI room renovation and upgrade, ten digital Rad rooms renovations, two digital chest rooms renovations, three digital R&F rooms renovations, one VCT/64 slice suite renovation, one RT/16 slice CT renovation, complete CR IT installation and implementation.  ALL COMPLETED WIHTIN 9 MONTHS AND WITHIN TIME AND BUDGET.  Customer’s notable comments: "flawless execution" / "Minimal disruption" / "Did not notice we were in the area working often" / "Impressive infectious control measures".  During the course of the project above Blake Contracting was a part of two Joint Commission inspections with minimal or no comments.

In addition to the projects listed above, Blake Contracting has a long list of clients across the southeast that utilize our services repeatedly as they have built confidence in the Blake Contracting staff that if we are onsite;  it is taken care of.

We strive for repeat business from every one of our clients and will do the same for your organization.

Contact Blake Contracting and you too can experience a truly different method of Contracting where Blake Contracting will meet and exceed your expectations.